A tribute to Lysandros Avraamides


Andreas Theophanous


It is with great emotion and pain that I convey my last address to the dear friend, special colleague and excellent associate Lyssandros Avraamides.


All those who had the opportunity to meet Lyssandros Avraamides and work with him would have realized that he was an exceptional person.  He had virtues that one scarcely ever finds in a person today.  In addition to his multidimensional expertise, he was known for his honesty and integrity.  He also had genuine love for his fellow men.  And whatever he did, he did it with great zeal and devotion.


In an age where values are undergoing a crisis, Lyssandros Avraamides was an excellent husband, father, son, brother, family man and also a role model of humanism, ethos and creative professionalism.  In brief, he was an exemplary person.


I was introduced to Lyssandros Avraamides by Nicos Peristianis in 1995.  Lyssandros had exercised his right for early retirement from the CBC and started his cooperation with the Research Center of Intercollege.  His ideas, his energy, his creativity and his ethos were of vital importance for what has been achieved at the Center in the last 10 years.  Lyssandros was deeply appreciated and respected by his colleagues.


In addition to our cooperation, I developed a very special friendship with Lyssandros.  We used to talk about everyday problems, social and political issues, as well as philosophical and metaphysical questions.  Lyssandros was convinced that there was life after death.  That is why when his disease was diagnosed he faced it with a unique calmness and stoicism.  I remember very well, and I want to share this with you today, when he came to talk to me about his problem, he stressed that he would fight to live but at the same time he said that whatever happens he was not afraid of death.  Lyssandros was convinced that death was a transition stage to another life.


Undoubtedly, we all miss Lyssandros; his family, his close relatives, his friends and his colleagues but also society in general.  The best way to honor Lyssandros is to remember him, and above all to try to understand, comprehend and accept the principles and ideas by which he led his life, and to act accordingly.


May God rest your soul Lyssandre.

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