Marching on to the next objective

by Nicholas Karides, Director, ampersand communications ltd


It was to be expected that having achieved full membership to the EU, the interest of Cypriot citizens in the European Union itself would have waned. Such was the obsession of achieving the task that few were those who retained the composure necessary to warn that membership was not an end in itself.


Despite the intense work that is required of a candidate country accession is - and for some time still it will remain - a dynamic modernization process. Joining the EU is not the end of the road.  Itís like coming on to a privileged super highway. But following the Dutch and French referendums on the Constitutions, the EU highway, with its varying speed lanes, is undergoing intermittent but serious construction work. Nonetheless, for Cyprus, staying on track is crucial. And it will be worth the effort. In fact anything else would be disaster.


Adding to this rude awakening, the awkward, if not unfair situation that the Republic found itself in following the rejection of the UN referenda, and it would seem that the country has lost its way.


In desperate need of strengthening its civil service, of upgrading its work ethic and operations, and starving of a communication strategy the country has at least managed to focus its own mind on another objective: to join the European Monetary Union by January 2008. Discipline and organization will have to be strengthened but the goal is achievable. Of course, that wonít be the end of the road either.

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