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The Research Center – Intercollege will present an educational package for young farmers entitled “Educational Kit for Young Farmers”, on Monday, 12 December 2005. The Educational Kit is the outcome of collective work among all the partners comprising the network of the Leonardo da Vinci program “Educational Kit for Young Farmers in Candidate Countries / New Member States of the EU”. The network consists of 10 partners (Research Center – Intercollege, Agricultural Federation of Ammochostos - Cyprus, Czech University of Agriculture in Prague - Czech Republic, Italian Agricultural Confederation - Italy, Biopolitics International Organization - Greece, University of Aegean, Department of Environmental Studies - Greece, Technological Educational Institute of Kalamata - Greece, Institute for Buildings Mechanization and Electrification of Agriculture – Poland, Institute for Sustainable Development - Slovenia and Advanced Research Partnership - UK) from 7 countries, with the Research Center – Intercollege holding the role of the Coordinator.


The educational package will be presented at a promotional forum organized by the Research Center – Intercollege in collaboration with the Agricultural Federation of Ammochostos. The event is under the auspices of the Minister of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment Mr. T. Efthymiou.


The Educational Kit will provide the young farmers with critical knowledge and information on the following areas:

  1. European Union and Common Agricultural Policy

  2. Agriculture and Environment

  3. Occupational Health and Safety in Agriculture

  4. Quality and Safety in Food Production

  5. Environment Friendly Agricultural Activities and Complementary Economic Activities


This package includes 5 guidebooks, one for each thematic area, and a CD-Rom including the information of the guidebooks in 6 languages (Greek, English, Italian, Polish, Czech and Slovenian).

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