Annual Report "The Military Forces in Cyprus 2006"


The Research Center – Intercollege organized a press conference on Tuesday, 28 March 2006, during which the Unit of Strategic Studies presented its Annual Report “The Military Forces in Cyprus 2006”.  The Report presented by Dr. Aristos Aristotelous, Head of the Unit of Strategic Studies of the Research Center – Intercollege provides a breakdown of the balance of power in Cyprus among the Turkish Armed Forces and the National Guard.


The report presented by Dr Aristotelous concludes that despite the new security environment offered by the accession of Cyprus to the European Union, by Turkey's own accession course and by the opening of crossing points along the UN ceasefire line, the military threat against the Republic of Cyprus remains unchaged. In 2006 the Turkish Forces and the National Guard remain in arithmetic terms at the levels of previous years, though Turkey has almost total naval and air control of the region and maintains a stronger advantage by far on the ground.  

Research Center - Intercollege

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