The Research and Development Center’s Unit of Strategic Studies presented its Annual Report entitled 

“Military Forces in Cyprus” at a press conference on March 1, 2005. The Report, presented by the Head of

the Unit, Dr Aristos Aristotelous, mainly deals with the current level of troop numbers and weaponry of the

Turkish occupation forces on Cyprus and of the Republic of Cyprus’ National Guard; it also includes sections

on the Greek Contingent of Cyprus and on Turkish Cypriot forces. ‘Expenditure on Defense in Cyprus’ forms

another part of the Report.


The Report notes that the military forces of the opposing sides in Cyprus are at almost the same levels of

recent years, but that Turkey continues to have absolute military supremacy on the island. However, one should

take into account the fact that the Republic of Cyprus is now a member of the EU and this has significantly

altered the balance of power in non-military terms. This development creates the need for more research to define

Cyprus’ new policy options.


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